All are welcome to join us, participate and learn....

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anyone who wants to gain knowledge on these important issues and provide youth of today with the skills and knowledge to navigate their world.

Some content in these talks will not be suitable for young children. 

Talks are geared to youth, grades 6-12.

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LIFE SKILLS: The Career Path

Thursday, April 26, 2018

This session will inspire young audience members to find their passion and start thinking about their goals. They will be encouraged to create their career path plan and explore unconventional career options. Speakers will also discuss how challenges can be turned into opportunities when it comes to reaching goals.  

Speakers: Hon. Catherine McKenna (MP and Minister of the Environment) Laura Luketa (HR Co-ordinator, Federal Gov) and Rose LaBrèche (International Rugby Referee)

LIFE SKILLS: Financial Literacy / Materialism

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

This session will inspire teens to set goals and make a financial plan that will help them fulfill their dreams. Our speaker will offer practical tips to spend money in thoughtful ways that recognizes the difference between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ to become more responsible and savvy consumers. 

Speaker: Abbie Sizer, BMO Financial Services Manager 

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A Successful First Series!

The first series of GrowSmartGirls talks has concluded. Thanks to our expert speakers, we've received excellent feedback from both youth and adults on the quality, content and presentation of the various topics.

If you have attended one of our Talks, please take a moment and drop us a line to let us know your thoughts, concerns or ideas for other sessions. 


Wednesday February 21, 2018

Safety, Awareness, Defence

Guest speakers will address many topics, including

-consent, coercion 

-what to do if you are sexually assaulted

-sexual violence intervention and how to support our friends who have experienced abuse 

-reading the danger signs, safety

-defining the offences

Speakers:  Julie S. Lalonde, Constable Stephanie Lemieux


Thursday March 1, 2018

Social Media 101 (for parents/guardians only)

This session is for parents/guardians only.  Learn to navigate today's technology, understand the importance of remaining in-the-know, and receive tools/information on how to protect your kids from online risks.  Our speaker will cover items such as danger signs, parental oversight and best practices.  

Self-Defence Workshop (for youth)

All youth in attendance are invited to attend an onsite self-defence workshop during the SM 101 session for parents, conducted by SAFE International.

Speaker: Constable Laurie McCann, Toronto Police Services


Cyber Safety: Internet, Cell Phones 

Covering topics such as code phrases, cell phones/internet/social media & cyber bullying Danger signs, predators, thinking about what you’re putting out there. 

Speaker:  Constable Stephanie Lemieux, Ottawa Police


Monday March 5, 2018

Anxiety, Depression, Mental Wellness, Self Care

Speaker:  Kasie Coulombe, The Royal


Monday March 19, 2018

Drugs, Alcohol, Cigarette - Substance Abuse & Addictions 

How these can affect your life. Peer pressure. Health risks. Life risks.  

Speakers:  Jessica Cadman and Adam  Adam Ozorak, Co-Chairs, Drug-Free World (Ottawa)