Giving them the tools...

GrowSmartGirls is a seminar series that seeks to equip pre-teens and teens with the knowledge and skills to improve their situational awareness and respond to societal dangers, including those on the Internet, as well as encourage opportunities for personal growth.

Everyone - girls, boys, parents, guardians - is invited to attend and learn about societal challenges facing our children today, and what we can all do to ensure they have knowledge early to deal with those challenges, as well as to be inspired by our speakers.


Presentations by experts and practitioners are designed primarily for youth. An opportunity for Q&As follows each presentation to hear concerns and help continue the conversation.

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Our Goals...


  • Provide the right information. Help youth protect themselves from predators, bullies and negative influences, and the resources to find support for victims.
  • Form new thinking habits. Replace knee-jerk reactions with know-how, and creating a mindset to strengthen situational awareness and preparedness. 
  • Educate parents too. Keep parents up to speed on current challenges and how to address them. 
  • Open lines of conversation.Get parents and their children to talk to each other about the dangers and threats that youth face in the modern world.